Connect – Find a Buddy!

It’s fun to swim with other fatties! Use this space to find buddies to swim together, or to co-organize a fat-friendly swimming event or outing in your area.

Leave a comment here with your name, location, and contact info so folks in your area can get in touch.


3 responses to “Connect – Find a Buddy!

  1. I am in North Seattle looking for a swimming / buddy. I like to swim laps and water walk, ideally maybe twice a week for 20-30 minutes, and a buddy (or buddies!) would make it so much more likely that I would actually take myself to the pool.

  2. Hi, I’m in Portland, OR, and I love Chunky Dunk, but I need a buddy to get back in the water at other times….

  3. Mark Cunningham

    I’m a UK Fatty and would love to find UK buddies to swim with and not worry about ridicule from Skinny Trolls


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