Fat friendly swimming in Florida!

Here are two great resources for Florida fatties who love to swim:

Places to swim

floridaflamingays.tumblr.com is the blog of a fellow fatty that contains some great reviews & photos of the best places to swim in Florida, including details about accessibility, fun, safety, etc.

Gainesville Fat Acceptance Fitness (Group)


A group for fat people and thin (or in-between) allies in Gainesville, Florida who want to hang out and move their bodies together!

This group believes in a Health at Every Size perspective, and strives to help its members separate physical activity from weight loss and shame. We believe that exploring physical fitness and movement should be fun and enjoyable, and every individual gets to form and reform their own movement/fitness goals based on what they decide is best for them.

The Facebook group has postings of weekly group events, and members are encouraged to create and invite each other to events for activities they enjoy. Posts related to inspiring positive body image and fat acceptance are generally appropriate for this group.


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